If you think consulting is just making great PowerPoint ™ decks, keep walking.

Don’t get us wrong. We admire a sharp PowerPoint™ presentation as much as the next global consulting company. Of course, we make plenty ourselves. And we respect the people who are good at making them.


But give us the choice between a column of perfectly aligned bullet points and delivering a plan that helps turn a client’s business around and the decision is a no-brainer.


At Partners in Performance, being a Manager isn’t just about writing reports, or standing up and presenting them.


It’s about the results. We’re here to deliver lasting results for our clients. Deliver. Not just recommend. So, our end product isn’t a report, it’s what happens once we work alongside the client to implement what’s in it.


It’s why our clients around the world choose us, and why we choose a certain type of person to fill our key roles. Like this one:


Now that you’ve had a few years in strategy consulting, and – maybe even moved out of it into an industry role – you’ll be looking for the opportunity to turn your insights into concrete business results with lasting impact. As a Partners in Performance Manager those results could impact some of the world’s largest companies, in multiple sectors.


This role combines management, analysis and outcomes in a way that will challenge and develop you – all the time with the full support and mentoring of your fellow colleagues.


Once the recommendations built on your team's work are agreed to, you can expect to work alongside clients from the shop floor to the C-suite to help make them happen. Whether it’s process improvement, supply chain optimisation, commercial due diligence or back office transformation, you’ll be responsible for turning your recommendations into results for your clients.

Queensland Based

Covd19 is creating multiple challenges for the business community. Restrictions regarding crossing state lines mean that this is a rare opportunity to specifically join our QLD based practice and deliver meaningful results in your state.

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