We have an opportunity for a registered or clinical psychologist who has experience in working with children and teens to join our Aberfoyle Park team (located about 30 minutes south of the CBD in Adelaide, South Australia) OR our Wayville team (behind Greenhill Road, within 2 km of the CBD, Adelaide, South Australia). Both Wayville and Aberfoyle Park positions are for 2 to 3.5 days, or these could be combined into a full time role (split over both offices). Please note our team of psychs work a variety of days with us - some work with us part time (while working for government, non-government or other/their own (adult orientated) private practices part time - or spend other parts of their week home/family committments) while others work with us full time.

If you are interested in a position with us, please feel free to confidentially email Kirrilie at to let us know of your interest, questions and we can let you know how we proceed. In the meantime, for an overview about working with us, please read on.

Overview of the role

· Minimum of 2 days per week (with 3 “after school hour hours” appointments at some point during the week. (A period of time building up to this minimum level may be able to be negotiated in some cases for those finishing study/other roles or who want to “try” the role to see if it fits).

· 1:1 therapy work with children and teens from 4 to 18 years old (and their families)

· Opportunity to run our parenting and child therapeutic groups in the evenings or weekends

· If experienced/interested - opportunity over the course of 12-24 months to be involved in a small amount of project work (speaking/training/teaching/seminar/ online psych services/supervision of other clinicians) - see below.

Essential criteria

· This role is for a registered or clinical psychologist - we welcome early career/newly graduated psychologists (or those about to obtain registration) who would like to do their clinical endorsement with us and enjoy taking psychologists through this process. Unfortunately due to our funding models we cannot employ counsellors or other mental health professionals at this time.

· We are looking for a psychologist with experience in working with children, adolescents and parents/caregivers (for early career psychologists who have not yet had extensive experience clinically, this experience may have been as a counsellor, or in other support service or research roles

· We employ psychologists with a very strong focus on evidence based practice, high level of commitment to professional development and improvement, exceptional written and verbal communication skills and a desire to support others and work in a team environment.

The benefits of working with us include:

· Extensive training and supervision in how to work even more effectively with children, young people and their families from our supervisor team who have 10-25 years of experience working specifically with families. This training and supervision is provided to you at no cost and includes (initially fortnightly and then monthly) focused supervision, case conceptualisation and skills training - as well as (catered) quarterly case discussion lunches, quarterly in house professional development training evenings and bimonthly “Working with Kids and Teens” email updates from the team. Please note the Developing Minds team of psychologists teach the University of SA Child Interventions Course and have extensive knowledge and experience in teaching, supervising and providing clinical care in a range of approaches (eg CBT, DBT, systems based approaches, ACT).

· Debriefing opportunities, and friendly interactions on a daily basis from an extremely friendly and caring team of 23 psychologists (and 10 admin and executive staff), provision of a peer mentor (in addition to supervision above) for the first few months of working with us.

· Ongoing support: Daily rostered "on call" senior psychologists available for crisis support about clinical or professional practice issues whenever needed. As a larger practice we are fortunate to be able to have two team leaders, 2 clinical supervisors and clinical systems manager (they are all brilliant of course :)) as well as myself as director - to support our psychologists as and when they need.

· Extensive, friendly and efficient administration support and cloud based admin systems mean that our psychologists have all their appointment bookings, reminder calls, rescheduling, payments taken, GP letters sent, outcome measures scored, reports provided of which letters are due and when - and even cups of coffee sometimes made, depending on levels of desperation:) by both our team of amazing receptionists and extraordinarily capable admin executive team. We are committed to helping clinicians feel organised and on top of “paperwork”.

· Management support from the clinical executive team - our executive team help you stay compliant with any changes in funding models , laws related to legal and ethical issues and other developments related to mental health in children and young people in Australia - meaning you are supported to practice at an exceptionally high professional standard (which of course reduces any risks of safety concerns for clients and APHRA complaints for professionals).

· Job Security: As a result of strong community and school based programs, education and services over the last 15 years, we have strong client demand (between 4- 12 months waiting lists) for our services. In addition, Developing Minds are funded by a variety of funding models (including primary health networks, NDIS, Better Access, Department of Child Protection, School based funding and other private funding) which we believe is helpful in the context of often fluctuating government approaches to mental health funding.

· Work variety and opportunity to work with diverse range of families: As a result of not being restricted to only using Better Access funding, our psychologists have the opportunity to work with a variety of child and adolescent and parent client groups including those from differing socio-economic backgrounds - up to 50% of our client families are able to access "gap free" services, and our funding models also allow us to have up to 18 (rather than 10) fully funded sessions a year , “parent-only sessions”and be involved in some multi-D meetings with teachers/other professionals.

· Professional indemnity insurance paid in full for you, and a yearly professional development allowance to spend on any workshops or training you like which would support your work with kids and teens (and often attend professional development with the rest of the team). Paid attendance at team meetings, and for reading staff emails etc.

· Access to our library: hundreds of print, email, video, animations, book and therapy-material resources to use in sessions with children and families, as well as our templates for GP letters and NDIS reports and our bimonthly "Working with kids/teens research" email sent to all clinicians with a summary of upcoming PD opportunities, resources ideas to use in sessions, clinical practice guides and other clinical resources, quarterly team PD meetings, (catered) peer supervision lunches

· Work as an employee not contractor - ie tax calculated and removed for you, fortnightly payruns (ie not based on you invoicing us or clients paying bills), workcover, superannuation, parenting leave and long service leave entitlements also apply as per usual as a regular casual employee. As a regular casual, you have the flexibility to be unavailable for work for up to 10 weeks a year and “block out” time for family/other interests/personal commitments. After 12 months of regular work you will have the option to transfer - if you choose - to permanent part time employee status and therefore receive paid sick/annual leave. Please note, we use the Australian Governments "Paid Parental Leave Scheme" to administer maternity/paternity leave payments.

· Opportunities to provide services other than one to one counselling - depending on skills/experience/desire - for example our psychologists are involved in activities such as: facilitating parent groups we run (Connect, Coach and Take Charge) each term in schools in SA, our child based therapy group (“Chilled”) on Saturday mornings, provide training. Our more experienced psychologists also provide seminars and teaching to a range of professionals in various health organisations, external peer supervision for other professionals (internally and externally) and provide online therapeutic support for families (calmkidcentral.com)

· Autonomy, ability to contribute to the direction of the practice and sense of being valued: All of our psychologists contribute to our ongoing policy development by providing feedback monthly to the executive team about professional practice and clinical governance issues, and they help determine our policies and procedures. We believe our clinicians are essential in helping us determine what works in the practice and so we have a variety of systems to communicate and seek feedback from them.

· Providing work-life balance and reducing work stress is important to us. We want clinicians to have enough time to prepare/write notes by (on average) seeing 4.5-4.8 clients per full day (based on annual averages of attended appointments) and to have the flexibility to work in ways and times which suit them. We conduct annual values/work satisfaction assessments to continue to monitor and ensure work satisfaction remains as high as possible for our team.

· Pleasant Working environment - our rooms are newly furnished, bright, comfortable and purpose designed for kids and teens, with space to keep your own materials if you want to add them to ours. Our Aberfoyle Park office is set in a “leafy”, large and pleasant shopping complex with all offices having large windows and walking access to shops and coffee shops. Our Wayville offices are similar, ie set in leafy street with on street parking, again newly furnished and also with good coffee shops nearby (can you sense a coffee theme here?).

· We have achieved National Standards for Mental Health Services accreditation (one of only a very small number of private practices in SA having achieved this accreditation) and therefore have high standards of clinical governance. We were also awarded first prize in the 2018 Australian Paediatric Allied Health Practice Excellence awards (criteria assessed was Collaboration within the Allied Health community; Impact and innovation over the last 12 months; Client centred, evidence based service delivery; Leadership and/or integrity; and Quality, safety and ethics in their practice). Our online program Calm Kid Central has also won two Primary Health Network Innovation awards (in SA and Victoria).

· Data Driven: We are committed to outcome measurement, efficacy of therapy, clinical skill improvement and evidence based practice: we measure and analyse outcomes for each client with a custom built pre and post health outcome, client satisfaction collection system. On an annual basis we look at our clinic data outcomes and therapeutic alliance measures.

· Our clinical psychologists earn a competitive and generous salary - we ensure this by an annual salary benchmarking process comparing actual salaries to other government/non-government/private salaries, we do not “bulk bill” (we have alternative “gap free” funding for families without financial capacity to pay) and we use an increasing scale of compensation over years worked at the practice to provide a sense of career progression.

We care about social justice, have an environmental care policy and the practice donates $5 from every new client to Save the Children,

As well as caring deeply about young people and their families - we also care for each other. We catch up a few times a year entirely outside work for drinks/dinners and/or Developing Minds “kids day” gatherings (ie dinners, the Zoo, Bounce, roller skating, bowling!!). ()Well, we did prior to Covid. Hopefully this resumes soon)

Of course, this is not a perfect organisation, and I’m aware there will always be many aspects of our workplace which need improvement and addressing. However, we are keen to continue to improve and are open to feedback from our team about how to keep making this a better workplace for our team and a better service for the families we work with.

If you would like more information about Developing Minds, you can go to:

Our website: www.developingminds.net.au or our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/developingminds.net.au)

You can also look around our website to learn more about us. Feel free to confidentially email any of our psychologists with questions about what it is like to work here - they will be able to give you their perspective and answer your questions too. We were also interviewed for a feature in the August 2016 Edition of InPsych - this is now somewhat out of date as we have grown and developed since then, but it has some information about the basics of our practice:


If you have any questions or would like to register your interest for a position, feel free to confidentially email me. We will be looking to finalise the position as soon as possible (potentially for a 2021 start date) and will close applications once we have done this.

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