Most trusted digital assets mining company serving 100's of members across the globe.


Nextgen Systems is an international investment institution focused on delivering the best synergy of encrypted currency investing. 


We are in the business of helping individuals and institutional investors identify cryptocurrency mining investment opportunities.


The core objectives of NGS are maintaining an accumulative return on investment (ROI), through the optimisation of investment portfolios using multi-coin mining agreements. Thus, providing strategic insights and operational skills in Blockchain, while making sure all potential risks are avoided.


NGS Crypto Australia is looking at expending it’s digital asset mining agents network (new investment sales) across NSW, QLD & WA.


NGS Crypto is seeking like-minded professionals who have a basic understanding of Blockchain technology including Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.


NGS Crypto is looking for professionals who have an investment background, and experience in the below would be of a great advantage;


- Superannuation 


- Mortgage refinancing 


- Fixed income


This role would only suite professionals who are well established and have a large network of members he/she can market to.


If this sounds like you and you have a high expectation on your ability to earn high 6 figures plus yearly income, then we have the product you have been waiting for.


NGS Crypto provides digital asset mining products that allow members to access to;


- ROI 8% to 15% P/A 


- Paid daily 


- Training Education 


NGS Crypto has developed its unique fixed income digital asset mining products over the last 4 years, this could be your opportunity to get in at the ground level as Blockchain and digital assets become mainstream in Australia over the next 5 years.


NGS Crypto Benefits


- Be a part of the future of finance 


- Career advancement 


- Salary 


- Top commissions and incentivise 


- Full training provided 


- Work from Home 


- Take your slice of what maybe considered to be the biggest transfer of wealth we have seen since the discovery of oil. 


If you would like more information you can go to


To apply for the digital asset mining agents role please contact us directly through the Sydney branch.


Office 1300 001 NGS



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